The electric motor is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. In fact, the electric motor is one of the equipment that has been most used by man without his walking aimed at progress, for all machines depend on the human being.

The electric motor must be identified and treated as well as a driving machine that has characteristics that require some care and among them are: installation and maintenance.

The electric motor should be installed in places where they are easily accessible, as the electric motor needs to be inspected and undergo maintenance. The electric motor should be installed on a flat and free place of vibrations if possible.

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The maintenance of the electric motor can take on a periodic inspection of character, it is necessary to analyze the levels of insulation, temperature rise, wear, lubrication of bearings and also a fan of tests to check that the heat is being dispersed. The electric motor should be inspected with some frequency, but you must take into consideration the type of electric motor and the conditions in which the electric motor is applied.

Before choosing a model or another electric motor to check the type of load is required to be driven by the electric motor model chosen and its behavior as the conjugate and also its power.

But even before that, it is necessary to know some terms to choose the electric motor according to your need.

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The starting torque is required for the static inertia of the machine is due and is triggered and make there move. For the zero load and the skirt reaches the rated speed is necessary that the electric motor torque is greater than the load torque.

The conjugate of acceleration, in turn, is necessary for there to be load acceleration to the nominal speed. The electric motor torque should always be greater than the load torque at all points between both zero as their rated speed.

The electric induction motor is a robust machine, but of simple construction and service life depend almost exclusively way of life of the winding insulation.

The insulation of the electric motor is affected by several factors that are corrosive environments, moisture, vibration and humidity. Temperature is another important factor in the life of the electric motor.

When the electric motor suffers from an increase of temperature ranging from 8 to 10 degrees above the limit that is the thermal insulation temperature class can usefully reduce the winding of the electric motor by half.

For the life of the electric motor increases, the ideal is to use thermal sensors that serve to protect the electric motor winding. The decrease in electric motor service life can be directly related not only with the high temperatures, but also with the insulation that burns and destroys the winding of sudden way.

Like any other type of product, the electric motors can be purchased at different stores, depends on customer preference and also the region where he lives. Today we have the option to buy the physical stores and also by webshops, to determine which is the best you have to make a price survey.

The price search allows you to find one store that has the best price and offer so you can get your electric motor. For this to occur, the first step is to determine what type of electric motor you need it because there are several types on the market and prices vary according to the characteristics.

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If you want single or three phase electric motor is important to search according to the product characteristics. The brand and the store are also factors that determine the final amount to be paid. Determine the single price for the engine is not a correct process to be done, it has many kinds of products on the market, so you need to search.

Learn the basic frequencies of an electric motor

An electric induction motor has frequencies that are characteristic of its essence even if the electric motor does not display any failure. These characteristic frequencies are called electric motor vibration signatures.

The frequencies that the electric motor operates are: power frequency, rotation frequency, frequency of the magnetic field, slip frequency and frequency slot.

The electric motor slip frequency happens when the electric motor rotor does not rotate with the speed classified as synchronous, but slide back in the field is rotating. Thus, the frequency of the slip is nothing more than the difference between the synchronous speed and the electric motor rotor speed.


The slip frequency is calculated by multiplying the frequency with which the electric motor is powered by the electric motor slip.

Connection box is more one of the devices comprising the electric motor in addition to the rotor and stator.

The connection box is another part of integrating the electric motor and which is an integral and important part of this equipment.

The electric motor ECP3667T terminal box is the place where the electric motor receives power and is why we need to protect the electric motor from external agents mainly only for reasons of safety and also the moisture that can not invade the electric motor, as this prevents the electric motor to work effectively.

The entry of the cables in the electric motor is sealed and the terminal box is made of the same substrate material as this will cause the electric motor does not suffer from mechanical stresses that may occur by chance and have them disconnected some power phases the electric motor.